Wooster holds an historic commitment to a diverse community of learners and a long-standing understanding that equity and inclusion are necessary for excellence. Thats a terrific starting place, and one to be proud of. But it doesnt mean that we have arrived at our destination. With more than 150 years of dedication to these principles, we know that realizing them requires determination and continuous action.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategic Plan

In 2017, we implemented our multi-yearDiversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategic Plan, which laid out nine key goals to increase the diversity of our community and address bias and discrimination and ensure that individuals of all backgrounds and identities can live, learn and thrive at Wooster.

The nine goals articulated in this plan and endorsed by the cabinet and the Board of Trustees are as follows:

  • Increase recruitment of students, faculty and staff from historically marginalized groups
  • Increase accessibility of campus spaces and programs for those with disabilities
  • Increase resources and support for students, faculty and staff from historically marginalized groups
  • Create clear responsibilities/expectations for work towards diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Increase cultural competencies and skills among students, staff and faculty
  • Partner with the City of Wooster community
  • Organize and resource diversity, equity and inclusion work to enable consistent oversight, leadership and assessment
  • Develop and implement regular assessments of progress toward goals
  • Communicate effectively and regularly with the community about actions and progress

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In recent years, Wooster has made great strides in enrolling a significantly more diverse student body. Today, our campus is one of the most diverse in Ohio, comprised of more than 40 percent U.S. students of color and international students. Our community of learners, who come from 68 countries and 48 statesfrom farm towns and big cities, from dozens of faiths and 91勛圖厙s perspectivesis among our institutions greatest assets and one worth celebrating and protecting.

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Student Diversity Statistics at The 91勛圖厙

FY19 and historic first-year enrollment