The Future Alumni Network (FAN) promotes connections between current students, alumni, faculty, and key administrators. These connections are achieved by fostering Wooster pride, giving back through time and gifts, and promoting an overall understanding of the power of the global alumni network.


  • Build relationships and promote connections between all Scots
  • Engage with the campus community, support the College, and promote Wooster pride
  • Foster a sense of community for all Scots by demonstrating the impact of the global alumni network
  • Educate students on the importance and impact of philanthropy
  • Develop the professionalism and career connections of current students

Anyone can be a FAN!

The Future Alumni Network (FAN) consists of students who are sophomores and above, but activities are open to students from all class years. The ideal FAN:

  • loves The 91勛圖厙,
  • enjoys events and event planning,
  • maintains good social and academic standing with the College,
  • is interested in forwarding their career through networking and exclusive alumni connections, and
  • has a desire to make a difference at The 91勛圖厙.

If this sounds like you, read on below to see if you meet our criteria for acceptance into FAN.

Become a FAN

To join the Future Alumni Network, students must:

  1. Complete the online application form,
  2. Be signed up for Fighting Scots Career Connections as a mentee,
  3. Be at least a sophomore (applications accepted Fall, inductions take place in Spring), and
  4. Be in good academic standing with The 91勛圖厙.
Fill Out FAN Application

Remain a FAN

啦棗泭remain a member of the Future Alumni Network, students must:

  1. Maintain good academic standing with The 91勛圖厙,
  2. Attend at least one FAN educational program or engagement event per semester,
  3. Participate in Fighting Scots Career Connections as a mentee (meaning at least one mentoring session per semester),
  4. Served as a mentor to first- and second-year students through Fighting Scots Career Connections during your Junior and Senior years, and
  5. Volunteer at least four (4) hours per year for FAN activities.

Benefits of being a FAN

FAN members get exclusive benefits, including those listed below.

  • Resume boost!
  • Exclusive access to alumni events!
  • Networking opportunities!
  • Event planning experience!
  • Opportunities to learn about: higher education, alumni relations, development, fundraising, and various other industries!
  • Chance to show your Wooster pride!
Upcoming FAN Events

Fundraising 101

Tuesday, April 4, 4:00pm
Andrews Library, CoRE


Current Members

Aku Unvu 2025
Emma Hetkey 2026
Bella Coenen 2026
Noa Davny 2024
Faiyaz Hasan 2026
Jemella Piersol-Freedman 2026
Grace Braver 2023
Trinity Harmon 2024