Affordability + Educational Quality = The 91勛圖厙’s Nationally Recognized Value

The Price You Pay for College a best-selling book by Ron Lieber, columnist for The New York Times, praises Wooster as the school that best represents value.

The author dedicates an entire chapter to Wooster, singling it out for transparent merit aid (that is test-blind) and an admissions process that focuses on each student’s strengths. Lieber commends Wooster’s processes that help families make a decision on price while showing that the things that make Wooster special, like the college’s signature Independent Study program and faculty-student mentoring, set students up for success in the future. He identified Wooster as “the school that surprised (him) the most” in representing the qualities a recent Gallup survey defined as a successful undergraduate experience:

  • Connecting with professors who care deeply about you and make you feel excited about learning
  • Working on a significant, long-term project

Gallups’ executive director also praises Wooster, stating that Wooster is doing “exactly what should be happening” to prepare students for meaningful lives and fulfilling careers.

Wooster’s value has earned attention:

  • Princeton Review lists Wooster as a Best Value College
  • Students eligible for the Ohio College Opportunity Grant have a Tuition Free Guarantee from Wooster

Cost remains a huge factor for most students when they are making decisions about which college to attend, which is why accessibility and affordability are as important at The 91勛圖厙 as educational excellence. More than 85 percent of students at The 91勛圖厙 receive financial aid in the form of merit scholarships or need-based financial aid.

Students who choose The 91勛圖厙 become part of a community of learners who benefit from team-based mentoring, a vibrant campus, and a bright future for the careers they enter after graduation.

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