Three Ways Your IB Diploma Will Impress Top Colleges

When prestigious colleges and universities (like The 91勛圖厙) read applications, they seek students with the potential to succeed.

Here are three ways your IB diploma helps you stand out:

You have taken responsibility for your own learning. Your Theory of Knowledge course for the IB diploma makes you aware of yourself as a thinker who is willing to ask challenging questions and try different approaches to learning. At top colleges with vigorous intellectual communities, this type of independent-mindedness, initiative, and self-determination is valued.

You are prepared to conduct undergraduate research. Your extended essay for the IB diploma shows you can explore, analyze, and communicate a topic of special interest to you. In a top college setting, this type of project involves in-depth research, such as a senior capstone project that integrates and synthesizes all you have learned in one piece of scholarly work. Wooster is recognized for having some of the best student research opportunities in the U.S.

You have expanded your learning beyond academic study. The creativity, activity, service element of the IB diploma involves applying your knowledge in purposeful activities that stretch your cultural understanding. At top colleges where students from all backgrounds come together, the ability to collaborate is an asset, as is an appreciation for the richness of diverse perspectives. One of the most challenging parts of college can be putting together all the pieces your academic interests, service commitments, internships, research opportunities, study abroad, and career planning in an intentional way to help you reach your goals. At Wooster, we dedicate staff and resources to do just that.