Wooster welcomes transfers to register for a visit!

Apply to Wooster!

Submit your application by July 15 to receive a minimum scholarship of $140,000 ($35,000 annually) top applicants will receive more!

Well work closely with you following your application submission to ensure a quick admission decision. Materials can be submitted after July 15 as we work together.

Students interested in transferring to The 91勛圖厙 may do so up until the end of their sophomore year. We welcome transfer applications for fall or spring semester and do our best to ensure an easy process. Staff will respond with a transfer credit check within 48-72 hours. Once all required information is received, you should have an admission decision within two to three weeks.

Application Requirements

To apply as a transfer student for Fall 2024, please submit the following information for review:

  • Submit your by July 15 to receive a minimum scholarship of $140,000 ($35,000 annually) top applicants will receive more! We can work with you beyond July 15 to receive your materials.
  • Add Woosters code 003037 to your FAFSA if interested in additional financial assistance.
  • Complete the with your current institution and have them send to admissions@wooster.edu.
  • Prompt evaluation of your transfer credits
  • Official Test Scores泭(棗梯喧勳棗紳硃梭)
  • Submit any supporting transfer application documents to admissions@wooster.edu

*Minimum scholarship is guaranteed for U.S. transfer applicants. Wooster welcomes international transfer applications and will provide both merit- and need-based financial assistance to support enrollment.

Why transfer to Wooster?

Wooster is a nationally ranked college – best known for our emphasis on mentored undergraduate research and experiential learning. At Wooster, youll have guaranteed housing, excellent advising, and careful mentoring to help you make the most out of your time here.

It is free to apply to Wooster using the . We also work carefully with students to make sure they receive financial aid when needed: please submit your FAFSA using Woosters code 003037.


Olivia Nengel '24

Olivia Nengel ’24

“The transition to Wooster was made super easy by admissions, my academic advisor, and the registrars office. The admissions counselors made me feel so welcomed when I came to visit and assured me that they were there to support me. Transferring is a big decision, and you should be proud of yourself for deciding to find the right place for you. I promise it exists and it might just be Wooster.”

Transferring from a community college

The 91勛圖厙 is eager to work with students currently attending community college. We know that students who begin their college careers at a community college can be successful and happy at Wooster!

How will my credits transfer?

Were able to give you a credit review before you even apply to Wooster you can send us an unofficial community college transcript, and we will let you know how many of your courses would transfer into Wooster.

Typically, a C or above in a community college class will give you general education credits at Wooster. When you transfer in classes, only the credits transfer- not the grades.

Any student transferring into Wooster can count on spending at least two years here to complete their undergraduate degree.

What does housing look like for transfer students?

Housing for transfer students is guaranteed, and we are looking forward to welcoming you to our campus community! Transfer student placements typically are based on a combination of class year and age to determine if an upperclass hall or first-year hall would be the best fit. Transfer students are typically housed in double rooms.If there is a medical/documented need for a single or other style room, students should reach out to theAcademic Resource Centerto start the housing accommodation process.


There are many paths to a college degree, and Wooster is committed to supporting you through that journey. Our transfer coordinator, April Gamble, is with you every step of the way.

If you are an international student, please contact International Admissions at global@wooster.edu.

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