“Wooster is my top choice!”

Have you spoken these words lately? If so, we encourage you to apply under the Early Decision Plan.

Early Decision sends a powerful and important message to the admissions committee. You are expressing a level of commitment and conviction that we take very seriously. You and your family have researched your college options, and Wooster is where you would like to be.

Wooster offers two Early Decision options:

  • Early Decision I: apply by November 1 and learn of an admission decision by November 15
  • Early Decision II: apply by January 15 and learn of an admission decision by February 1

What are the Benefits of Applying Early Decision?

Applying Early Decision eliminates at least some of the worry and stress associated with the college search. This option allows you to confirm your college plans early during your senior year.

Out of the 6,000 applications Wooster receives each year, a fraction choose to apply Early Decision (although the number has increased each year!). With this more concentrated application pool, we historically see a higher admit rate for Early Decision applicants than other application plans.

Students who enroll under the binding Early Decision plan enjoy:

  • Guaranteed preference of first-year housing
  • Expedited internship planning
  • Prioritized scholarship and aid consideration
  • Increased chance of acceptance
  • Early access for class registration experience (ARCH)

Under both Early Decision Plans, you will learn of your eligibility for the Dean’s Scholarship upon admission.

How to Become an Early Decision Applicant?

Students wishing to be considered for Early Decision need to submit a completed Application for Admission and the Early Decision Agreement Form (PDF) by the dates listed above.

Merit-Based Scholarships for Early Decision Applicants

Domestic Early Decision applicants are automatically considered for a Dean’s Scholarship of up to $40,000 per year and are also eligible to apply for other competitive scholarships. International Early Decision applicants will be considered for the Wooster International Scholarship and are also eligible to apply for select competitive scholarships. Early Decision applicants who complete applications for the College Scholar Award, Model UN Leadership Award, or Covenant Scholarship by November 1 will be notified of earned award(s) by November 15.

Financial Aid Process for Early Decision Candidates

Early Decision applicants interested in applying for need-based financial aid, should complete the . If the results do not make attendance possible, you may decline the offer of admission and be released from the Early Decision commitment.

International students seeking need-based financial aid must submit the , which will be available to complete electronically on their admissions portal.