Admissions Interviews

This 30-minute conversation is an opportunity for you to share your interests and experiences, and allows our team to best support you though your college search and application process. Although not required for admission, the interview is a required step to be eligible for our top merit scholarship, the College Scholar Award.

If you plan to tour campus in-person, we can schedule your interview before or after your tour. are also an option. Interviews can be scheduled online, by emailing, or by calling 330-263-2322.

National Interview Day

This popular Wooster tradition brings together students, staff, and alumni volunteers to interview admissions applicants on a single day each fall. Advance registration is required and some time slots on the days before and after National Interview Day are available for those unable to schedule time during the event. The interview is not a required part of the application process, but is an essential step for the College Scholar Award, our top scholarship award of $41,000 per year. Look for more information soon on this important event.

International Student Interviews

one-on-one with a senior international student.

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